fragment of a lintel: hapiu's female musicians
female statuette
female centaur
stained glass panel with female donor
fragment of a band with male figure leading mounted female figure with falcon
female head
female head
cloth with border of female figures and peacocks
illumination excised from a choir book: two female saints
st. christopher and st. erasmus; st. barbara and another female saint
two-handled "oak leaf" drug jar with male and female portraits
female figurine
female offering bearer
female offering bearer
two boats with female mourners
two boats with female mourners
verona sketchbook: female nude (page 27)
verona sketchbook: female head with drapery (page 81)
verona sketchbook: female arms and hands with drapery (page 82)
verona sketchbook: female figure with open book (page 63)
verona sketchbook: female profile (page 65)
verona sketchbook: female figure with cloak (page 40)
verona sketchbook: female head and left hand (page 42)
verona sketchbook: female right arm and hand (page 44)
verona sketchbook: architectural motifs with female head (page 45)
verona sketchbook: female nude looking over left shoulder (page 74)
nude female dancers from a tunic
seated female nude
female head
keystone of an arch: female bust within a medallion supported by angels
plate: female figure
funerary female figure
dish with female and attendant
railing pillar with a yakshi (female nature divinity)
the virgin and child with st. catherine of alexandria and an elderly female saint (possibly anne)
studies of female nudes
female bust
female bust
vajravarahi: dancing tantric buddhist female diety